Barry Sheene autograph

The Sheene Machine, edited by Andrew Marriott.

This rare to find signed book is not cheap, but a must for collectors. It's boldly signed inside in Black felt tip by Barry Sheene. but be quick in case we change our mind to sell......

  • Andrew Marriott looks back over 10 years of Sheene's racing.
  • Peter Clifford reviews Sheene's technique.
  • Leonard Setright describes the design and development of Sheen's Suzuki.
  • A full transcript of the Parkinson interview with Sheene.
  • Alan Minter gives another sportsman's view.
  • Kenny Roberts describes Sheene The Rival.
  • Prufrock of the Sunday Times discusses Sheene the marketing man.
  • Plus more.........

Excellent condition, complete with dust jacket which is slightly faded from the sun due to being in a bookshelf. However, the front and rear is excellent with no rips.

Size: 225mm x 145mm. 142 pages, with B&W photos. First Edition 1979.

Comes complete with COA.


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